Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Play with Flair is currently in the early stages of creating a Hall of Fame for all of our favourite sporting stars to live in. And we want you to get involved!

The Hall of Fame page will put all of the greatest names in sport in one place for us to look at in awe and admiration.

We want your opinion on which living legends and greats of the past deserve a place here! In fact, anyone beyond the obvious will be accepted as long as you can make a good case for them!

So send in your thoughts and any stats, performance records or funny facts that you can think of about the best sporting folk on the planet.

To get involved you can email me at:  joanna@playwithflair.com

OR feel free to comment on the Hall of Fame page and posts.

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  1. Philip

    April 21, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Great idea! If we are talking Football then Messi and Maradona are 2 living legends for sure!

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