Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola: The master or his pupil?

Pep Guardiola’s resignation this week, although not a complete shock, marks the end of a stunning era at Barcelona. His philosophy of how the game should be played has ultimately developed one of the greatest teams ever to grace the planet. … Continue reading

A Clasico weekend of sport – here’s a roundup

For all of us sporting fans, the last weekend has been essential viewing. There have been so many talking points that I thought it best to provide a brief roundup on what’s been going on.

Ronnie O’Sullivan or Stephen Hendry?

As the World Snooker Championships begin today and Play with Flair has announced the creation of their Hall of Fame, what better way to celebrate than to discuss two of snooker’s greats: Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry.

It is great news that this year both will be competing in the event again. Together they boast almost 50 years at the Crucible, which is an astonishing amount of time. Continue reading

Blue is the colour at Wembley

We all know that Sunday’s FA cup semi-final will be remembered for Chelsea’s controversial second goal that never was. The back pages in today’s papers have predictably been dominated by this moment in the game. However, the debate over goal line technology is one that will rumble on until July at least, when the International FA Board meeting is scheduled. So until then I would like to leave it at that.

What shouldn’t be forgotten are the two standout goals of the game.

To start things off, Didier Drogba’s classy strike was a vintage goal. In his signature style, Drogba shrugged off the figure of William Gallas before spinning towards goal to smash the ball into the top corner. The power and speed of the shot made it unstoppable and added a piece of brilliance to a game that was failing to reach its high expectations.

Didier Drogba scores the first goal in the FA Cup semi-final, his seventh goal at the New Wembley.

Lampard’s free kick was also one to savour. With some spectators convinced that the goalkeeper had been deceived by a deflection, the replays showed this to be untrue. Lampard had perfectly placed the ball into the bottom corner and it was a stroke of genius.  His free kick was one that both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would have been proud of.

Frank Lampard scores the free kick to make the score 4-1 to Chelsea
Source: AP Photo/Tom Hevezi

It was a game with two great goals and a weekend with two great FA Cup semi-final ties. So let’s try to forget the controversy surrounding Sunday’s game and look forward to a fantasic final that could make or break the season for Chelsea or Liverpool.

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In April and May, Monaco will host two of my favourite events in the sporting calendar. The Monte-Carlo Masters begins this weekend and next month the Monaco Grand Prix will take place there.

It may just be my personal opinion but I think that Monaco is such a great sporting location. This is not just because of the luxurious nature of the place. Both of these events have been staged here for many years and so there is an illustrious sporting history attached with Monaco. Continue reading

Countdown to London 2012: Kobe Bryant

As I’m based in the UK, I can safely say that there is a great buzz around as we prepare for London 2012. Organisers are even providing tourists with the Olympic Legends Map, if they weren’t already confused when walking about London.

The Olympic Legends Map

All of the names on the map are rightly placed as legends of the game, but I’m excited about the man sitting on the basketball and tennis line (the black line) named Kobe Bryant.

He may have experienced some troubles in his private life recently, but this man is a living legend of the game. London 2012 will be only his second involvement with the USA team in an Olympic competition. His impact in Beijing 2008 was unquestionable as he helped Team USA win their Gold medal with a 15 point average.

Kobe Bryant celebrates with his teammates after winning Gold in Beijing 2008.

Some in the NBA are beginning to question Kobe Bryant, as he is no longer one of the young talents in the game. Yet, he is still the most recognisable face of the LA Lakers and the amount that he has acheived in his 15 years as a professional shows that the talent of legends lasts forever.

See Kobe Bryant’s highlights from the Beijing 2008 final here:

Arsène Wenger: the Premier League manager of the season?

Arsenal’s 2011-2012 season has rightly been described as a ‘rollercoaster ride’ by all that follow the club. Arsène Wenger has arguably faced the most serious rumblings of discontent since his North London arrival in 1996 and the 8-2 loss against Manchester United seemed to … Continue reading

FEATURE: A moving tribute to Ayrton Senna

Last night, I finally saw the critically acclaimed documentary film Senna (2010). I expected it to be engaging as a documentary piece but it had such an emotional impact on me that I had to write about it . This is not just a documentary for fans of Formula One but a film for us all to watch and take note.

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